Thank You

Saying thank you to all the people involved in supporting and encouraging Dan is the most important thing we can do! We are working on some more thank you's as you read this, so please -if someone should be mentioned- feel free to let us know and we will incorporate them into our thank you page.

  • Jackie Paige, who got the ball rolling to get Dan's story out there for us.
  • Jason Carr, who did the story of Dan's Coffee Run.
  • Fox News Detroit, who ran the story.
  • Michigan Cancer Institute, who has graciously welcomed Dan and his Coffee Run all of these years.
  • Brian Williams, who provided us with the artwork that inspired the t-shirts.
  • Earth to Earth, who is providing Dan's Coffee Run t-shirts.
  • All of you, who have given us your thoughts, prayers, time and donations to help Dan's Coffee Run to continue to be a success and reach out to so many people in one of their darkest hours.

In all gratitude,
Dan and Valerie